Suomen Mallas Whisky Seura, April 2018

Dramfool was invited by Suomen Mallas Whisky Seura (The Malt Whisky Association in Finland) to host a tasting for their members in Helsinki.


It was a great trip organised by their secretary Winnie, and I also had the chance to do a bit of sightseeing in Helsinki beforehand with Winnie’s help.



40 members of the Association attended the tasting where we tasted some of Dramfool’s previous bottlings along with the debut tasting of Dramfool’s Feis Ile 2018 bottlings.







The audience were very knowledgeable about whisky and it was a lively and entertaining evening. I would like to thank Suomen Mallas Whisky Seura for their hospitality before and after the tasting, and I hope to visit again soon for another Dramfool tasting.