Bruichladdich 11 years old
Bruichladdich 11 years old

Bruichladdich 11 years old

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The 18th release from Dramfool is an excellent example of a bourbon matured Bruichladdich. It was matured in a first fill bourbon barrel and bottled un-chill-filtered at cask strength of 57.0%

Tasting Notes

Nose neat: Sweet with vanilla and lemon. Light cereal notes with a hint of sea spray, sherbet lemons and hot dry pine.

Taste neat: Sweet with malty cereal notes, vanilla and Horlicks.  There is a light fruitiness - boiled sweets. The whisky numbs the sides of the tongue.

Nose Diluted: Horlicks with a hint of lemon, Sugar Puffs, honey Lemsip, putty, Soor Plooms and a hint of brine.

Taste diluted: Sweet, vanilla with honey and lemon, Horlicks, apple & pear boiled sweets, creamt toffee and nougat.