Carsebridge 1964
Carsebridge 1964

Carsebridge 1964

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The 5th release from Dramfool is a very special one - a 1964 Carsebridge.

Carsebridge was a grain distillery located just outside Alloa in Clackmannanshire. It was closed by DCL in 1983, and was never officially bottled by its owners.

The whisky was bottled at cask strength of 40.8% at 52 years old and I have 50 bottles for sale.

Tasting notes

Nose Neat: Golden syrup, nail polish, wood vanish, very sweet and creamy with vanilla, maple syrup, caramel and muscovado sugar.

Taste Neat: Very smooth and sweet, crème anglais, apricots, peach and passion fruit. Creamy, silky smooth with vanilla, peaches and cream.

Nose Diluted: Hint of mint, sweet vanilla, wood varnish, caramel, custard creams and dry seasoned wood.

Taste Diluted: Very fruity and creamy with peaches and cream, apricots, passion fruit, vanilla and custard.