Lochindaal 10 years old too
Lochindaal 10 years old too
Lochindaal 10 years old too
Lochindaal 10 years old too

Lochindaal 10 years old too

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The 28th release from Dramfool is a rare cask of Lochindaal.

Lochindaal was distilled at Bruichladdich Distillery using barley peated to 50ppm phenols. The distillation uses a different cut than the 40ppm Port Charlotte, giving a more delicate spirit than the more oily Port Charlotte. Only 250 casks were ever filled with Lochindaal spirit making it very rare, and this is the third cask of Lochindaal Dramfool has bottled.

The whisky was matured in a bourbon barrel (probably first fill going on the colour) and bottled un-chill-filtered at cask strength of 63.0% yielding 234 bottles.

Tasting Notes

Nose neat: Surgical spirit, Germolene, Elastoplast, pencil sharpenings, icing sugar, tomato leaves, smoky bacon - Frazzles.

Taste neat: Very sweet with peat smoke, butter toffee. A very thick viscous mouthfeel with caramel, Weather’s Originals, burnt twigs, chocolate limes, pepper, aniseed, very buttery with a hint of aromatic insense smoke, new leather jacket, salt and light brown sugar.

Nose diluted: Germolene, Elastoplast, icing sugar, pencil sharpenings, wood varnish, a slight floral note, lavender pot pourri, Parma Violets.

Taste diluted: Sweet with caramel, butter toffee, smoky bacon, peat smoke, cracked black pepper, smoked fish, Turkish delight and lavender honey. A very smooth mouthfeel.